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Things YOU GOTTA SEE when visiting North York!

Sightseeing Suggestions

North York straddles the east-west 401 and its attractions are clustered in the west, along Yonge Street and in the east in the two Don Valleys.

Here are some quick suggestions for visitors with limited time in the area. Perfect if you have only ONE DAY to visit (like a business trip, when passing through, or when stopping over between flights). The additional days schedule is a recommendation for those who want to see the essence of North York in only a couple of days.

You can read ALL SORTS of travel guides, and carry around pounds of paper, or just print off this ONE PAGE and have all the info you ever need! These are the area’s top activities, family activities and attractions, tourist attractions, historical sites, museums, interesting architecture, sightseeing and top shopping/dining areas. Organized into a nice walking or driving itinerary!

Day One: Yonge Street (Willowdale) & West Don River

Mel Lastman Square and Civic Centre, in North York These communities around the West Don River amd Yonge Street are the core of what used to be the city of "North York", and are now the heart of north Toronto.

Day Two: Western North York

Black Creek Pioneer Village, in North York These communities east of the Humber River, and bisected by Black Creek and Highway 400, were developed rapidly in the 1960s. This part of North York has history, parks and ravines, and great shopping.

Edward Gardens and Toronto Botanical Gardens, in North York

Day Three: In and around the Don Valley

These communities are built on the highlands around the deep Don River Ravines, and have history and nature, along with great home neighoburhoods, major business parks, and great shopping & recreation. Most of which are south of the 401 (take the Leslie exit, south)

Ontario Science Centre entrance, in North York

Quickie Area History

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